It is a program applied in teams of 4-7 people with individuals who want to improve their boating skills in our private lessons. The program aims to increase experience and abilities.

Private sailing lessons could be berthing, mooring, advanced sailing techniques, etc.

Training Routes

Our half-day private training from Levent marina is planned in the gulf or on the Urla route.

Special lessons depart from Çeşme marina and on the routes of Çeşme Marina, Ayayorgi, Hacettepe or Eşşek Island.

Lessons can revise during the day according to the weather and conditions.

Daily routes can be replanned within the team depending on the conditions.

You can contact us for detailed information.

TRAINING FEE: 4.500,00 ₺ (1.540,65 ₺ x 3 Installments)


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