It is a program applied in teams of 4-7 people with individuals who have completed basic sailing training or have the skills to use sailing boats. The aim of the program is to increase the seafaring experience by sailing and motor sailing on open seas or inland seas. It is aimed to gain experience of 30 miles x 4 days = 120 miles in the determined 8-hour daily route.

It is aimed to gain the following experiences;

 Training Routes

Our program departing from Levent marina is planned as a round trip to Urla.

Our program departing from Çeşme marina is planned as a round trip to Çeşme Marina eşek island

It can be revised during the day, depending on the weather and conditions.

Daily routes can be rescheduled within the team, depending on the conditions.

 The Content of the Program ?

  • Preparation of the boat for open sea cruise
  • Weather check
  • Sail selection according to the weather
  • Fuel, engine oil and cooling water check
  • Route and time planning
  • Provision selection
  • Adjusting the shift system
  • Reefing preparation
  • Preparation for night cruise
  • Open Sea radio usage
  • Emergency scenarios
  • Preparing individuals for open sea cruising






Can we depart from different departure points in the 4-day program?
Yes, you can set your schedule by choosing the dates you want from Çeşme Marina or Levent marina departures and from our calendar.
Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

TRAINING FEE: 9.500,00 ₺ (3.166,67 ₺ x 3 Installments)


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