Sailing training with accommodation, offering the highest comfort with its wide cockpit designed our Performance Sail with 3 cabins Azure 40. This training is a program that offers you an experience of anchoring, swimming and accommodation in the beautiful bays while you are taking sailing training off Çeşme.

In our Weekend or weekday Sailing Training program, you will learn to use a sailing boat, safe sailing from one port to another and living together on the boat. It is a comprehensive program in which it is taught in practice how to draw a route according to the order and shift with wind and weather conditions to the destination. It is possible to attend the education with accommodation either as a group of friends or as a family. The fact that it is a sport that can be done as a family makes education even more enjoyable.

You can join our program with a group of friends or family with a maximum of 6 people. There are 2 beds in 3 different cabins.

Our program is designed to leave the marina on Saturday morning and return to the marina on Sunday evening, but you could also stay on our boat in Çeşme Marina on Friday night.

The following experiences are aimed to be gained;

Training Routes

Our program starts from Çeşme Marina;

Day 1 or Saturday 

  • Sailing off the Çeşme coast
  • Anchoring training in Ayayorgi bay and a break to swim.
  • Anchoring in the afternoon and sailing cruise to go to the cove depending on the weather conditions.
  • Anchoring and mooring for secure accommodation.

Day 2 or Sunday

  • Theoretical lessons and route planning after breakfast.
  • Leaving the bay, sailing towards the bay suitable for weather conditions to swim and rest.
  • Anchoring, rest and iron gathering.
  • Sailing and berthing towards the marina route in the evening.


It can also be revised during the day according to weather and conditions.

Daily routes can be rescheduled within the team, depending on the conditions.


Program Content?

  • Preparing the boat for open sea navigation
  • Weather check
  • Sail selection according to the weather
  • Fuel, engine oil and coolant control
  • Route and time planning
  • Food selection
  • Setting the shift system
  • Glass preparation
  • Residential Accommodation
  • Offshore radio use
  • Emergency scenarios
  • To prepare individuals for open sea cruising & nbsp;
  • Anchorage
  • Correct positioning in the bay
  • Sailing course types and application
  • Basic Sailing Training contents & nbsp;



How many days does Sailing Training with Accommodation take?
It takes 2 days and a night, you can join 2 nights and 2 days by logging in on Friday evening.
Can we join this program from a different location outside of Çeşme?

TRAINING FEE: 8.500,00 ₺ (2.910,12 ₺ x 3 Installments)


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