Yacht Racing Training
Yacht racing training is provided with a team of 8 people and 2 instructors. It is possible for individuals from all age groups to participate in racing training, and races can be attended by mixed teams of males and females from different age groups. The aim of the training is to be able to use a sailing boat at its maximum performance. These trainings, which provide working as a team and adaptability, include the following topics;

Fast maneuvering, ballooning, crisis solving, tactical determination, racing route drawing, starting, racing rules, fast tactical change compared to the opponent.

At the end of the training, it is determined who will perform tasks such as rudder, piano, main sail, genoa, tactics, balloon, bow, trapeze and navigation in races.

Frequently Asked Questions

TRAINING FEE: 12.000,00 ₺ (4.000,00 ₺ x 3 Installments)


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